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06-29-2011, 10:40 PM
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Originally Posted by snarktacular View Post
It was time for Marchant to retire. He's given all he has. Love the guy's heart and he really steps it up in the playoffs. His loss is a moderate blow to the PK and ES defense, and a huge loss for our faceoffs. We need a good faceoff center more than before now.

As for PK, I'm glad he's retiring too. Not because he's a weasel, but because your health is more important than hockey, and your head is one of the most important and most vulnerable parts. It's hard to diagnose problems, and problems are life-long. He probably should have quit a concussion ago.

There's no reason to rehash the Kariya hate. This is a time to celebrate retirement. Kariya still has one of the most important Ducks playoff goals ever (game 6 Phoenix). That GWG was amazing, and brought the team legitimacy.
Kariya is the one issue with the Ducks where the little kid fan in me takes over and I really cant not hate him.

But I will agree with you on that goal, and I could watch the "Off the floor, on the board" video all day, and get chills every time. Big part of our past, but I'm glad he is not a part of our present or future.

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