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Originally Posted by TMLeafer View Post
Also, would it kill MLSE to take games off GOLTV and put them on TSN. MUCH better and much more accessible. GOLTV is a mess that needs to be shut down.
This has really bothered me this year. A large potion of the games are broadcast on GolTV and they don't seem to do their broadcasts in HD.
I know last year they would have some HD feeds on the HD preview channel, but they don't seem to be doing that this year.
I don't mind paying a bit extra on my cable bill for a sports channel but the fact I'm being charged to watch a mediocre team without the option of HD irritates me.
All of Vancouver's games are on Sportsnet or TSN; therefore I assume almost all of their games are in HD. If TFC weren't owned by MLSE the games would probably be shown on regular channels and be in HD.
Before this year I think I've probably seen every TFC game from the start, this year I find myself missing more and more games.

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