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Originally Posted by Giroux tha Damaja View Post
I like how the writer mentions Giroux as one of the likely names to be moved to save money. Doubt it.
"Hi everyone. I've called you all to the team meeting because we need to make room for our new star here...oh come on up here Stamkos don't be bashful...come on...come on...there we go! Where was I? Oh yeah, we need to clear up just over $3.00m to slide him right into our lineup.

So guys. What do you think? Who wants to get moving? How about you Versteeg? You're alright I guess, but everyone kind of hates you.

Giroux? Put your hand down!

How about you Hartnell? You're big, physical, and you annoy other people. Still you're slow and you fall down a lo---

Giroux!?!? Come on now. This isn't a joke.

Carle? Really now. You'll be fine next to someone else on another team. There's no need to stay attached to Pronger. You can't be a +30 at life. Oh, you just want to stand in his shadow all day? Fine.

What about you Cobur---

Giroux!?!? For the love of god, go sit down somewhere.

Meszaros? Tampa Bay return sound fun? I hear Yzerman totally changed that team now. No?

Briere? No? Pronger? Timonen? One of you vets has to step up at some point.

Fine. Bryzga---

Why am I mad? I'm mad? Oh, wait. You're mad. Okay. You just signed a lifetime contract. What did you expect would happen?

Fine Giroux. There are literally 10 contracts on our team more expensive than yours or at least nearly as expen---

Schenn put your hand down, you're going to Adirondack.

Make that 11 contracts, but I guess if we have to move you to Toronto for bad-decent prospects, you have to go Toronto. It is what it is. Pack your things.

No, you can't go to LA. I don't care if they're going to win the Cup.

Huh? What's that? Well, you should've asked for a limited No Trade Clause."

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