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06-30-2011, 07:16 AM
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I ove the new HF mobile browser but its only real draw back is that you can't vote on polls.

Ill make my vote for MZA when I get home. Add Kundertek.

The next for should go MZA, McI, Miller, Hagelin.

MZA has already played some at the NHL level and has the highest potential for scoring of the group, but this season will make or break him.

McI has been progressing at a steady pace and has the potential to be a top 4 shutdown D-man who can clear the crease, something this team doesn't have. He's probably atleast another year out, though.

Miller could be the best out of the group but is several years away. He has 2nd line potential.

Then there is Hagelin, last but not least of the group. So far, I can't believe the value the Rangers got in him in what? The 5th round? He has been progressing every season and has one of the hardest work ethics I've ever seen. Kid is in amazing shape and is the second closest to locking up a NHL roster spot behind MZA. Its just that his potential may be limited to a bottom 6 role, which is perfectly fine, but if he keeps busting his butt and continues to progress, a 2nd line winger spot may not be out of the question down the road. Slim chance of it happening, but still a chance.

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