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06-30-2011, 07:59 AM
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Originally Posted by Maverick41 View Post
Interesting to see that Kahun and Draisaitl were followed by 5 players from Frankfurt. Gradl with 135 pts as a D and Arnold racking up 83 pts at his age also very impressive.
don't mix that. frankfurt played in another league basically. the schüler bundesliga is tricky.

the south had two groups (A and B) with 6 teams each. they play home and away against each opponent in their group. that's 10 games.
then the first 3 of each group build the "meisterschaftsrunde" while the bottom 3 of each build the "abstiegsrunde". both rounds are 20 games.
so the season for a player in the south has 30 games, but the level of competition can be different. the best 3 teams from the "meisterschaftsrunde" go to the "endrunde" to play for the championship.

the north is different. there's a group A and B, but they don't mix with each other. group A is the upper group. they play 30 games and the first 3 make it to the "endrunde" to play against the south for the title.
the last placed team in A get relegated to play B next season.
group B plays 28 games (only group with 8 teams) and the winner gets promoted to A for next season.
so A and B in north are two leagues, who share the name schüler-bundesliga, but consists of different levels.
frankfurt was the the best team in north B and got promoted without losing a single game, but they had much worse competition than mannheim for example.

there you can see the groups and i hope my explanation was good enough.

I also agree wholeheartedly with your last paragraph. Mannheims roster is kind of scary but I think it is both a blessing and a curse. It will be more difficult for them to put up huge numbers, when you have to share the ice time with guys like Kurth and Tiffels, to name just two. But playing on a good team and practicing regularly with many good players could still be a good thing.
usually the jungadler were able to develop players even though they had good depth. it's a well-run organization, so i expect them to get kahun and draisaitl on track.
it won't be easy though.

Kahun's size is definitely a concern at this point, although he still has some time to grow. Maybe he gets a growth spurt and makes it to 5'11 or so, which would be nice. Draisaitl is about the same height as I was at his age, maybe an inch smaller. Now I'm 6'4.
5'10 or 5'11 at that each is not bad. even a 5'7 guy could end up at 6'0.
i was 6'1 at that age and i am 6'2 now. so growth is really nothing you can plan. we'll see what happens, but at least draisaitl won't have the size issue.

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