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06-30-2011, 08:13 AM
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1. Motivation for every junior league to prove its strenght. I know, it is only pre-season. But when MHL can look at it like serious tourney, why Swedes other can not?
Because swedes don't want to crush the unholy americans?LOL
Well, it's mostly about prestige. MHL bosses always try to proclaim MHL as the best smth.
2. Yes, it can be problem. But it is Q for clubs. Why dont Malmo seniors release this guys? If Malmo think that tourney in serious competition, they will release them. It is premier season... so it will be like you said. Unfortunately
Junior team in Sweden exists for the needs of senior team. Actually I would have liked some change in the attitude towards J20 teams, and hope that senior teams would atleast release all players that they can, but important guys like Westerholms will not go, I'm almost sure.

3. I dont think it is problem for european teams. Elder (born 90) guys can play in senior teams.. they can release them for this tourney (yes, it is problem now,see point 2). But generally it should not be problem for europeans teams. For NA teams yes, it is problem. And in MHL is limit for eldest guys - 5 per team
Yeah, it's all in ideal World. In reality a senior european team will not pull their regular roster player from preseason training process and put him to a tournament like this.

Besides with guys that finished their junior career 2years ago what kind of junior champion that team would be?

Even though would have been cool if Redhawks had released Heed, Westerholms, Olsson and Carnestad.

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