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06-30-2011, 08:51 AM
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Originally Posted by zecke26 View Post
don't mix that. frankfurt played in another league basically. the schüler bundesliga is tricky.

the south had two groups (A and B) with 6 teams each. they play home and away against each opponent in their group. that's 10 games.
then the first 3 of each group build the "meisterschaftsrunde" while the bottom 3 of each build the "abstiegsrunde". both rounds are 20 games.
so the season for a player in the south has 30 games, but the level of competition can be different. the best 3 teams from the "meisterschaftsrunde" go to the "endrunde" to play for the championship.

the north is different. there's a group A and B, but they don't mix with each other. group A is the upper group. they play 30 games and the first 3 make it to the "endrunde" to play against the south for the title.
the last placed team in A get relegated to play B next season.
group B plays 28 games (only group with 8 teams) and the winner gets promoted to A for next season.
so A and B in north are two leagues, who share the name schüler-bundesliga, but consists of different levels.
frankfurt was the the best team in north B and got promoted without losing a single game, but they had much worse competition than mannheim for example.

there you can see the groups and i hope my explanation was good enough.
Yes thank you, the explanation was good enough. I knew that there were different groups, I just nevere considered Frankfurt and Mannheim playing in different groups, since the two cities are not exactly that far away from each other. I nevere bothered to check which group they were playing in. I guess when it comes to hockey Frankfurt is pretty far up north, especially at junior level.

EDIT: Since we were talking about size before. This Kid kind of freaks me out.

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