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Originally Posted by Blame it on PK View Post
“We had a discussion. I didn’t really ask to be traded but I wanted to know where things were at for me,” he said. “I asked if I was part of their plans and they pretty much said no."
Your word against his about what is FACT.

No, you want to play Industrial-Organization psychologist, you better do more than appeal to mere intuition to "prove" that he's solely to blame. Not that Lappy didn't affect morale at all, but to what extent he did isn't so clear cut and dry, nor is "who started it".
OK, you got me with the interview. I did not see that same text elsewhere, and we will take the LA Times at their word. That does nothing to change that an unhappy person radiates bad vibes. It does not take a psychologist to understand that. The extent is not somethimng anyone can ever quantify, but it was clear friom how quick they moved him, that the team felt it was or could be a distraction.

As far as blame, who the hell cares who is to blame and who started what. The result is the guy wanted more, the team moved him.

I liked Lapierre's play (besides not always backing up the talk with the walk), at times I believed he was really developing into a player the Habs could use for years. The Habs management disagreed.

I do not like the way the Habs seem to make moves like this one and O'Byrne with no obvious replacement coming back, or someone from the minors who can step in right away. It reaks of reactionary knee jerking. If they did not have a plan for Lapierre, they should have been proactive and move him, instead of letting him fester and acting out of a position of weakness.

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