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06-30-2011, 09:37 AM
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If the Flyers trade him off for the lowest pick, I'd say it's just the trend of questionable ethics with players continuing under Holmgren. For a while I couldn't bring myself to support the organization. I could support the team and hockey in Philadelphia, but I didn't like the way the Flyers were being run.

They bring a kid to America and he backs them up the whole season. They prize him as their "diamond in the rough". He's never lived in America before, barely has family over here, but he loves the city. Fans love him, too. They throw him in the Christmas episode of Coatsey's Corner, for christ's sake. But he's a rookie, so obviously there's going to be a performance drop somewhere during the season.

Now, had the Flyers held on to Carter/Richards, and made another full-fledged run at the cup, it would have been asinine to expect them to place Bob in the starter role again and lean on him. He's still developing, that's clear. There's a lot to be fixed in his game, but the athleticism and drive seems to be there.

But that's not what happened. The Flyers went out and got the goalie they needed to really contend with the top teams. Then, they traded their captain and leading goal scorer to apparently shore up the future and some cap space.

These moves only strengthen the belief that Holmgren and Snider really had no strategy for the off-season, and in hindsight, they haven't for a while. They've had to trade off important pieces of former team's success ( i.e., Knuble, Umberger, Upshall, Lupul, Gagne) because they've made bad signings and handed out idiotic contracts. Given that they probably have no plan for Bob, or even a ****tily ill-conceived one, I'd say Bob either remains an undeveloped prospect or is dropped somehow next season.

And that fits in exactly with the stereotype of the organization: All the money with no proper use, questioning the legitimacy of the captaincy, trading key players, and not developing any goalie prospects. If we find out sometime soon that the Flyers mishandled Carter or Richards' injuries, or if they fire Lavi, the stereotype will be fulfilled.

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