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Originally Posted by Coldplay View Post
Your username is ironic, considering the content of your post.

Last I checked, we made the ECF for the first time in 18 years with Gomez in our top 6 producing at nearly a point per game pace during that time and the Rangers missed the playoffs once they dumped Gomez and signed Gaborik.

How's that for being a "realist"?
Yeah when we think of the Habs' ECF presence the first thing that leaps to mind is Gomez's contribution. His presence completely dwarfs Halak's, Cammy's, Gionta's, Gorges', Hamrlik's, Spacek's. Plek's and Gill's. We won't even mention the coaching staff's contributions.

Please gimme an effing break. If you had claimed that in last year's playoffs he was not a drag on the Habs you would have had a decent argument but to imply that his presence on the team somehow brought them to the conference finals is beyond funny. It's ludicrous. Gomez has become a mediocre 2nd line centerman who is being paid elite money. His numbers last year reflect the fact that he leeches off his team mates.

He has been doing that since he moved to New York and this year displays the fact that he can't even leech anymore. He has become a black hole. Anyone who plays with him suffers terribly. Forget the fact that he was not in playing condition this year; forget the fact that his offensive creativity has diminished to the level of a Pyatt. We'll excuse him of all that. But when he starts to drag his team mates down to his level then something must be done. Unfortunately, we will have to keep him. No GM sees him in the light that you do. I wish there were a few that thought as you do.

And for all those that think he will rebound this coming season, I ask you to define rebound. Getting 50-55 points is not rebounding. It's achieving average numbers. We did not trade Higgins, Valentenko & McDonagh for a 55 point centerman. That's if he achieves those numbers but the trend in his totals the past few years tells a different story


And he will be 32 next year. Gomez is on a downward spiral. That trade by Gainey is not as bad as Houle's trade of Roy but it does come in 3rd ahead of the Chelios & the Ribeiro trade (another Gainey accomplishment).

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