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06-30-2011, 11:01 AM
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Inquiry --- formal structure of NHL contract

A typical sports contract runs through a "season".
In some cases, in some sports, players may sign a "tryout" contract.

I am curious to know whether or not it is expressly forbidden by the CBA or otherwise that, matter of custom aside, if NHL contracts can be for either X number of days or X number of games.

And if so, can a contract, preferably by team's option, be extended (repeatedly);
be the basis for a successor contract to kick in at team's option, one where you can not only be paid a base (equal to pro-rata share of what minimum would be per "season"), but also bonuses based on performance, and availability (play the first such contract, 10 games, no availability bonus; second such contract, available for games 11-20, all of that successor contract, plus a bonus on what you did just being available in games 1 -10).

Ok, where am I going with this?
Let's assume all the above is technically legal.

Instead of signing Thomas Fleischman to 2-3 years for $8.5-10m, can we give him an otherwise bonafide contract for X number of games to be played (or for a month to month basis)?

This would allow him, if earns all bonuses, to average equivalent of $4ish m per year which he will have earned, best case scenario,
but it also
allows Rangers to minimize paying him for games he is not healthy.
If he doesn't cut it, but somehow doesn't technically qualify for Long Term Injury Relief (Release? Removal), we're not screwed eating his cap.
It also provides flexibility if his body needs to fine tune to medication, so one time/stretch of games he is available, next two he is not, next three he is, etc...


I anticipate the real world encroaching on my time through 4th of July.
Will extend courtesy of reply at first chance next week if not available before.

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