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06-30-2011, 10:39 AM
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are people seriously STILL trying to defend the Gomez trade? Really?

I get the love for Gainey as a player, but at this point his stint as manager speaks for itself... he wasn't terrible in the Milbury sense (though the Gomez trade is right up there with some of Milbury's gems), but the best you could say about his tenure is that it was mediocre.

He inherited a solid nucleus of young players that all but guaranteed improvements in the standings (having Markov come into his own, by itself, made the team light years better than it had been prior to Gainey's arrival... neither Houle nor Savard had the luxury of an elite top-pairing Dman to work with, and as we saw during Gainey's tenure, the team imploded anytime he was out of the lineup).

not to mention that he also got to work with a bigger budget and with a salary cap (as a cap spending team), again two elements that his predecessors did not benefit from.

instead of taking an team with a well stocked nucleus of assets (thanks to solid drafting and a few years of higher picks) and turning it into an elite one, he made a number of head scratching moves (trades/signings) that resulted in the team hovering around the mediocre level... just good enough to squeak into the playoffs but not able to do much once they got there.

if anything, PG has done a pretty decent job of managing the problematic roster he inherited to keep the team at the same level... but by now patience is rightfully starting to wear thin b/c the montreal fan base expects more than maintaining the mediocre status quo, and the only way to get out of that is to proactively build up the teams asset base... sadly it appears that PG is inept in that department, as was Gainey, and so we get a lot of "average" moves that, while not terrible, do nothing to ultimately strengthen the teams long-term outlook.

i can see how making excuses over and over again can help ease the pain of watching the team float around the middle of the pack level year after year, i just don't think a sports franchise with the history and culture of the Montreal Canadiens should settle for that.

being the best is as much about attitude as it is about anything else, this team hasn't had a winning attitude, from the top down, for far too long.

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