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06-30-2011, 11:12 AM
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In order to have a player on your roster, he must be signed to an SPC (standard player contract) which can only be based on a players salary for the full seasons of the contract.

Extensions of any kind are not permitted in the CBA, either by player or team option or through negotiation. When you see reports of a player signing an "extension" what that actually means is a whole new contract that kicks in immediately upon the expiration of the current one.

There are also specific guidelines on who you are allowed to pay bonuses. They are only allowed for ELCs, players over 35 and players with over 400-games who were on the injured reserve list for 100 days the year before and sign a 1-year deal. Fleischmann does not meet any of these requirements.

In other words, to your question: no.

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