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Originally Posted by Vadau Bidau View Post
I usually only lurk around here, but thought it apropos to insert my two cents! I no longer live in WNY and have been out for close to 15-years. However, I will always be a WNYer and a fan of the Buffalo Sabres, not to mention of fan of all WNY people. That being said, I'm tired of all the negativity surrounding WNY and players "not wanting to play in Buffalo"; it's all the years and years of backhanded remarks made by former players and the national media. IMHO, Buffalo is the BEST place for any FA to want to play for a ton of reasons and one of the biggest reasons is this:

Richards can sign a huge deal with the Rags and have all the glitz and glamour of Broadway and possibly win a cup with them, (possible, but not likely). NY has 27- World Series Titles, 3-Superbowls (Giants), 3-Cups, and 2-NBA Championships; that's 35-World Championships, Buffalo has ZERO!

If Richards comes to Buffalo, along with a couple other FAs, not only do they have a chance to win the cup, but they can be etched in history forever, as the team that brought the first championhsip of any major professional sport to WNY! I realize I'm being a homer, but the potential to end the long history of no championships and to be the players to do it would certainly entice many players. The players that do eventually bring a championship to Buffalo will be remembered forever, not only in the WNY region, but throughout the sports world!

Whether it's Richards or some other players acquired via trade or FA, it's very exciting to be a fan of this franchise. At no time over the last 38-years that I have been following the Sabres have I been this excited!

I was telling co-workers that If Buffalo wins the cup, Terry will have a statue outside of City hall. And whenever there is a national event, or sporting event, Terry's statue will only be shown until they cut to what the event is.

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