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06-30-2011, 12:32 PM
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Originally Posted by Sting36e View Post
I'm not mixing anything up. You have to understand the fundamentals yourself to be able to spot them. Being "terrible" with the puck isn't that big of an issue for the kind of player that Callahan is. He's not primarily a puckhandler. It keeps him from being a superstar, but it doesn't diminish the importance of his many, many other contributions. It's just about the only thing he doesn't do better than practically everyone else.

That's not true. He does attempt to set others up, though not as much as he looks to shoot. However, now you are criticizing him for the role he is being asked to play on the team.

Have you not been paying attention to the makeup of this team? Callahan shoots a lot because that's his role on the club. This team has a void of offensive talent, especially before Gaborik, and when he is injured. Callahan becomes a de facto sniper on this team. He was that when he played on Gomez's wing, and he is that now, especially when Gaborik went down. Place him on a line with two more offensively-inclined players and watch his shot totals recede.

You are looking at the finish, or the play right before the finish. But a series of events need to take placed before that finish happens. That's where Callahan's play away from the puck comes into play. It's Callahan that more than any other player on the team does more to help create the opportunities to finish. Dubinsky is definitely a better puckhandler and liable to make the more creative play that results in a finish, but Callahan facilitates those chances. You need to appreciate the little things, because without them, the big things never happen. And Callahan owns the little things.
Watching the Caps series this year it was obvious our biggest problem was we couldn't establish any presence in the offensive zone. We couldn't carry the puck in, we couldn't hold the puck when we gained the zone. Dubi was about the only guy who was able to do those things. Callahan wouldn't have helped us there. It would have been nice to have him doing what he does, but it wouldn't have changed the series much like having more guys like Dubi would have. Until we get more legitimate top six guys, Dubi is way more valuable than Callahan for this team.

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