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06-30-2011, 12:38 PM
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Originally Posted by ManOnTheMoon View Post
In response to your offer, value is fair, but not to Colorado. One, Colorado is bracing for the new CBA. No contracts past this year (with the exception of Stastny.) I can see them offering Vokoun one, just to assure themselves a number one goalie, but there's no way Sherman takes Komisarek's contract on. He's overpaid by about a million-ish, and he's signed for what, three more years? Colborne is at this point, a prospect. A very good prospect? Irrelevant. Colorado needs someone to hop onto the number 2 center spot without missing a beat, and I don't think anyone is confident Colborne will do that.
Gunnarsson I like. Arguably the crux of this trade. I'd be happy to get Carl, but obviously not straight up for Stastny, and the rest of this package doesn't make up the difference for Colorado. Rynnas/Scrivens are also prospects, and Colorado already has three strong goaltending prospects in Pickard, Patterson, and Aittokallio (although I'm less knowledgeable on the last one.) When it's said that Colorado needs a goalie, it's meant that they need a starting goalie. One who could go onto the ice in the season opener, get shelled, and not lose his mental game. And a 2nd is a 2nd.
If you add up the value of all the pieces you offered (not that I believe for a moment it's possible to truly quantify player value) you'd probably get a Stastny level player. Will you get that player from Colorado, given their strengths, weaknesses, and immediate needs? I don't think so. If you couple this with the fact that Stastny is not a niche player-- there are several teams in the league that could and probably would offer up enticing deals for him, I think your offer, even if Colorado management disagreed with me and thought it would be more beneficial to the team than holding onto Stastny, would be outdone by an offer from say, Buffalo.
The hole Stastny would leave in Colorado is bigger than the one filled by adding Gunnarsson, Komisarek, Colborne, and Rynnas.
Did you really post something that long and thought out in a thread where the OP wanted Stastny to TML for nothing? You're taking this too seriously dude.

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