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09-07-2005, 09:16 AM
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Originally Posted by littleD

So, a couple questions...

1. What are the best stretches to do before (and after) hitting the ice?

2. How about weight training? Can anyone recommend exercises to do with weights to help with skating? Or, if not specific exercises, which areas of the legs/back/wherever are best to focus on?
Weight...gain lots of weight...Whoops, that's Brett Hull's season training plan Seriously, there are a few really good excersizes, go borrow/buy a book with something like "Training for Hockey" in the title.If you live in a city in Canada or the Northern states, they'll probably have one in the youth/kids section of your library.

One excersize that is easy is to stand flat, slowly go up on tiptoe(both feet), then slowly lower yourself back down. Awesome calf muscle builder.With or without weights.

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