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10-19-2003, 02:37 PM
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Surprising players so far this year

I know it's still early, but every two pointer is important and these guys are paid a whole schwack of money to show up and do their best game in/game out.

Big positives:

-Smyth is winning draws, and has started off the season in fine form. Last year it took him a while to get going.

-Torres is finding the net a lot more than expected. He showed us that he had some skills in the ahl playoffs but who ever expected him to burst from the gate like this?

-Bergie has put exclaimation marks where there were nothing but question marks one month ago. Obviously he hasn't been perfect, but his play has eliminated any thoughts of an immediate trade for depth at d.

-Laraque has shown his "A" game more often than not so far this season. He won't give us 82 games at full gallop, but he's looking like a sure bet to eclipse his previous point totals by a wide margin.

-Moreau started off this season just like last. With all of the excitement about the new crop coming up this summer I was more guilty than anyone of forgetting why Ethan is so important to the Oilers, and he's one of my favorite players. Bad, bad call on my part.

Expected as much:

-Staios, Reasoner, and Horcoff have been solid all around bargains in the two most important skating positions. It's players like them who make or break a small market team and they are getting straight A's.

-Salo wins when the guys in front of him play a half decent game.

What gives?

-Semenov's rookie campaign was phenominal, and he came into town with an extra twenty pounds or so which would seem to benefit his 6'6" frame. Not so apparently, he has fallen way down the depth chart ever since Cross took his place. If Gigantor puts it all back together again he makes this team a lot tougher to play against.

-At home they average 5 goals a game and can't lose, on they road they can't score, can't win, can't even compete. Inconsistancy is to be expected of a team this young, but being lacklustre isn't. If the Oilers are going to throw away points like that then 8th place will be hard to get this season.


Dvo and Izzy have more than adequate reasons for not lighting it up so far, but Izzy is in good health now and should start ripping it up soon or the fans will be on him like ugly on an ape. Dvo has been buzzing the last couple of games, hopefully he'll be rewarded soon enough. It's a long season and different guys have to step up and carry the load at various times during the season, their turn is fast upon them.

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