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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
Sorry, but it's time to give hockey players some merit and intelligence. Tell me how the great Scott Gomez was able to a factor in having guys play for us while we were never able to bring anybody when Saku Koivu was in. You know, that Koivu, that warrior, worshiped by everybody INCLUDING BRUINS FANS (says a lot), who had all his battles, an example of what hard work and dedication is AND on top of that, a good playoff performer. Let say the Gomez don't work....does Koivu sticks around? Some say he wanted to go....some others say he would have but Gainey thought it was time to move.....But it was time 'cause Gainey thought Gomez was THE guy.

And by the way, the Habs would have been in rebuilding mode? Seriously? You think they would have let that happen? We would have tanked that year? Geez, so no Gomez, Gionta and Cammy (though Gionta didn't say that on OTR and his story about going back to Lamoriello with Habs offer is public knowledge...) would have meant one Tavares, Hedman or Duchesne....another reason to hate if I needed more.....
You know the old adage: actions speak louder than words. In all the years prior to 2009, 0 prominent free agents chose Montreal over another city. And when I say prominent, I am not only referring to superstars, even players like Martin Lapointe said no to Montreal. And it was not from a lack of trying. The reports of players being wood, particularly after George Gillette became owner, are no secrets to anyone that has been following the team over the last 10-15 years.
Despite all this, none came and most just used the Habs offer to get more money elsewhere.
All of a sudden, after a failed season where the team completely tanked and there were, I believe, 11 free agents they are able to sign Cammer and Gionta?
Yeah, I really bet it's because both really wanted to play here.

The fact of the matter is that for players, name recognition and perception is everything. No one around the league thought Saku Koivu was a number one center. Whether that was because he really wasn't or more because he never really had a legitimate first line player on his line (expect for maybe Recchi for a short time before getting injured) that was the impression. Gomez, regardless of what fans think, was a player that was an important part of a Stanley Cup victory and had registered at least 55 points in all but 2 seasons in the NHL playing for strongly defensive minded teams. Not really all that complicated to see why he would have been seen in a better light.

Originally Posted by HabsRealist View Post
Can people who say " we got Gomez, so Cammy, Gionta, etc. came " please look up moron in the dictionairy. Now look at your drivers license picture. Same, isnt it ?

I forgot, after we got Gomez, the world turned, the sun came up, several new stars
were discovered by astronomers, all thanks to Gomez !!!!! We should all turn to
him for guidance for the mideast crisis and government debt reduction.

Wow, and to think other similiar 4th liners arent doing nearly as much for humanity.
While we're looking up stuff in the dictionary, maybe you should look about faker. Cause people that spend all their time b*tch*ng and hating but try to justify it by calling themselves realists aren't really fooling anyone.

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