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Originally Posted by Papa_Bear_21 View Post
Have you ever taken an economics course? Like even in high school? Because the first principle of any business (for-profit or non-profit alike) is to make money. A business can sugarcoat it with other "missions" and stuff like than, but the number one goal is to make money.

Second, if a business wants to make more money, it has to either increase revenues or decrease costs. While the Habs have continually increased ticket prices over the years, if their only interest was to make money, the best way to do that would be to reduce costs (i.e., lower payroll).
The Habs spend to the cap every year.
An argument that they don't spend it wisely would be valid. Your argument that they "only want to make money not win a Cup", sorry to inform you, is not.
Ha ha lecturing me about economics... haha, funny...

I'll start with the obvious one... you didn't get my point at all... I never said they "only want to make money not win a Cup", I said their no1 goal is to make money, not win the cup... if they win the cup while making money they'll be super happy.

Then, it's pretty funny that your trying to teach me I'm wrong while nothing you wrote actually invalidate my point. It's precisely because the habs are a profitable capitalist compagny that their main goal is to make money not win the Cup. Just like the Maple Leafs, they are part of the few teams out there who are profitable... other owners are losing money... yet, these guys seem to win more Cups than the habs and Maple Leafs... why is that ?

Finally, I don't know why you would think that the fact that they spend to the cap each year is a proof that they don't want to maximize profits... as you pointed out, there are other ways to make a lot of money... and they've been pretty good at increasing revenues (not only with tickets prices, btw).

I'll give you another chance to try to invalidate my point... this one doesn't cut it, sorry...

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