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06-30-2011, 02:39 PM
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Originally Posted by Uncle Sam View Post
How does playing behind grossly mediocre teams your entire career make you a playoff choker? If Lundqvist played for a team such as the Flyers or Detroit, he would be considered the best goalie in the league, and it wouldn't even be close. I'd rather have him over any goalie in this league.
I love the way some of you fans throw the names of teams around in saying that, "If Hank played here, or he played there, then that team would have won cups easily. Nonsense! What is the basis of your prediction that " If the Flyers, Caps, or Wings(??) had Hank in goal, they would have won cups.
How in God's name did Detroit get into this conversation? They've somehow managed to win 4 cups in the past 14 yrs without Hank, how many more cups would the "Great Hank" had won for the best franchise in hockey? Philadelphia? Perhaps but not guaranteed.
I really don't think they would have beaten Chicago last year even if they had Ken Dryden in the nets.
Bottom line is Hank has proven nothing in the playoffs in his 6 yrs in the league. When he finally does play lights out in a playoff series, then some of the statements you made will hold water.

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