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06-30-2011, 03:40 PM
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Originally Posted by natey2k4 View Post

Gomez has 20 ESP yet was a -15, which basically means that not only did he bring no offense, but he brought no defense either. Basically, it was like Pierre Dagenais playing second line centre.

Plekanec 2.36 GAON/60
Gomez 2.32 GAON/60

For a second-line center, Gomez did well defensively.
I dont remember who said it several times (i suppose its MathMan), but he is just doing fine defensively for a second-line center. Im not saying that he's great, but the problem is this number : 1.69 GFON/60.
If his +/- sucks, its not because he's bad defensively, its because he's putrid offensively at ES. Pyatt is the only player to be worse in that area than him i think.
1.69, thats incredibly low. Thats Gill's or Mara's (well, this kind of guy) number usually. Last year, and he was already not playing as well as he could, he was at 2.76 (around 25 points lost)

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