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10-19-2003, 03:05 PM
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The Team after 5 games.

After 5 games, the Oilers see themselves top of the NW division and 3rd in the Western Conference. Right now this is all meaningless junk and i am planning to do this again at the 20-41-60-82 game marks.

Interesting Stats

- After being shut out twice, The Oilers have managed 15 goals in 5 games. That's 3.00 GPG, only being behind Ottawa, Colorado, and Los Angeles. If the Oilers only scored a couple goals in those games (cough* cough* against Calgary) we'd be on top of the NHL. But that's not the point. The point is that after 5 games, the Oilers are showing that they can score by comittee. We don't need a superstar to play for us. Hard work takes us where we need to be.

- Our defense has allowed 10 goals in 5 games, which isn't bad but not great. If we want to pull off an amazing 25th season, our defense needs to improve. We've played solid so far, but there's always room for improvement. Our top 4 needs to step up. Marty Reasoner has to score the "odd goal" like Marchant did, and play as well defensively. He needs to captain our checking line. Salo needs to play more consistent.

- We haven't blown any of our leads yet which is good, and hopefully it stays that way. We score most our goals in the third period now instead of being scored on in the third period.

Young Guns

I. Kovalchuk - 5gp 5g 2a 7pts
M. Hossa - 5gp 3g 3a 6pts
<b>A. Hemsky</b> - 5gp 1g 4a 5pts
R. Nash - 5gp 3g 1a 4pts
J. Spezza - 5gp 2g 2a 4pts
<b>R. Torres</b> - 5gp 2g 2a 4pts
E. Cole - 4gp 2g 2a 4pts
R. Fata - 5gp 2g 2a 4pts
V. Lecavalier - 3gp 1g 3a 4pts
P. Bergeron - 5gp 1g 3a 4pts
P. Bouchard - 5gp 1g 3a 4pts
B. Richards - 3gp 1g 3a 4pts
J. Thornton - 5gp 1g 3a 4pts

- The team got shut out twice but <b>Ales Hemsky</b> has still managed to pull off 5 points (1g 4ast) in 5 games. He hasnt played amazing nor has he stood out in any of the games so far. But anytime now he'll find his scoring touch that he had at the end of the year last year. He'll be making defensemen look silly with his wide variety of dekes. Ales is an intruging young man, and i don't think 60 points this season is out of reach for him. He's only getting better and better.

- The biggest surprise thus far has been <b>Raffi Torres</b>. He's done everything that the coaches have asked of him. He's tenacious and hits anything that moves. He has a knack for goals from difficult angles and he's very willing to play in traffic. He's speedy and can keep up with any of the Oiler forwards. His promotion to our first line is the reward for his hard work. Hopefully he can keep this up. Islander fans must be soo mad right now at Mike Milbury right now .

The Team Overall

- The Oilers are a good team who can compete with elite teams and play horribly against weaker opponents. One of the most important things the Oilers are lacking and will need in the playoffs is a definite first line. With MAC T's line juggling, we don't have a Smyth-Comrie-Carter (or a Smyth-Weight-Guerin) line anymore. The team has proven that they can score by comitee but they need a line they can count on every night to score a goal or two. The d corps has been solid but not great. They've given up odd man rushes that could have been costly (cough cough yes Mr. Brewer that means you). Goaltending was shaky at the start of the season but getting better day by day. My take on this is if the Oiler can play against all teams like they did against the avalanche on most games...then getting into the playoffs will be no problem. Hopefuly they can finnish 6-8th place in the Western Conference.

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