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Originally Posted by alexstream View Post
change of leadership was required.

nothing against Koivu personally... but maybe he was a magnet for troubles or I dunno. Things happened when he was there that wouldn't happen anywhere else.

-The kost brothers fiasco
-fights between players (ribeiro and koivu fight being only one of many)
-players leaving like Rivet and Souray and saying they are glad to be away
-Can't have two good seasons in a row as a team
-Theodore fiasco
-Higgins, Ryder and other "would be leaders" becoming total flops.

If you were to ask for my personal deep opinion : I think he cared extremely on the ice, but didn't care at all of the ice and didn't do what a captain should do.
e.g. call Selanne to convince him to come here (like Sakic used to do with UFAs)
e.g. tell the kids to keep it low and show them the way.
Everything you listed there have happened with regularity around the NHL. It's hard to understand you mentioning such things, particularly Rivet/Souray's departure (given that they were both close to Koivu), in reference to Koivu's capacity as a leader.

Of note: Ryder was never a 'potential' leader. And it's all the more peculiar that you cite Higgins and Ryder as being 'total flops' when they were just battling it out in the Cup finals.

The Theodore 'fiasco' was nothing more than a grossly overachieving, seemingly budding superstar coming back to earth. Koivu had nothing to do with that.

The fact that the team couldn't string two good seasons together was attributable to the team just not being very good. To have one good season every so often was a testament to the team's ability to play the underdog role to perfection at times; a role Koivu thrived in and certainly led.

Fights between players in practice is common place in the NHL. Hell, Barnaby and Rob Ray came to blows on the team bus once--and they were the best of friends on that tough Sabres club in the '90s.

The Kostitsyn brother fiasco was the direct result of a combination of an overhyped team, overhyped players, in a market with far too many shoddy journalists. It was not a lockerroom or internal problem.

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