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Originally Posted by Bernie Parent 1974 View Post

they are ALL Comcast channels, and who gets those channels is controlled by Comcast.

Comcast prevents Flyers fans nationwide from getting CSN Philly, while allowing Sharks fans nationwide to get CSN Bay Area.

many of those fans are also Comcast's own customers.

a 100% direct / accurate / legitimate comparison.
You need to once and for all explain the bolded sentence - how you can possibly say "many of those fans are also Comcast's own customers" because you are legitimately the only person I "know" who has two cable services.

Secondly, Comcast customers nationwide have access only to their local, regional Comcast SportsNet station. That is the baseline. DirecTV customers have an "added perk" in having the option of purchasing additional CSN stations. You look a the situation of "having the option to receive an added privilege" as "getting screwed."

You know, I've purchased merchandise from networks like ABC and CBS. That makes me a customer of ABC and CBS in my opinion. And I am a fan of ABC and CBS programming. Am I getting screwed by ABC and CBS because they are preventing me from watching, let's say, the Minneapolis local news broadcasts? Or the local morning shows from Seattle?

Bernie, you would begin to have something resembling a valid point if Comcast SportsNet's product was "creating fans of sports teams." But Comcast SportsNet's product is sports-related programming for which they fairly, competitively, and successfuly bid on (note: if you disagree with this sentence, then you need to reconcile why DTV's association with the NFL Sunday ticket isn't unfair). The teams are responsible for creating fans, not the television network that carries those teams.

You also have not reconciled Jester's point about how each CSN is different in that they each have separate programming available. He said it best just above by claiming that - per your logic (which you again repeat in the quoted text above), all BMW cars are the same.

If you go to a car wash, you're expected to get a different value for the basic wash (CSN's which have only 1 or 2 major local sports teams, like Boston) and the Deluxe package (CSN's with all major local sports teams). All CSNs are NOT the same.

But this is digressing from the main point of the argument here. The crux of the matter is that if you are a consumer of Product A and Product B, the benefits you receive from one product have absolutely no bearing on the benefits you receive from the other.

Because DirecTV has certain CSN channels available for purchasing, that does not mean Comcast is screwing you because they have not (yet) made all channels available for purchasing and it has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that you are a Comcast customer as well. They are separate.

When someone pays their Comcast bill, they are doing so for the products Comcast delivers to their home directly - not for the services that Comcast sells to another service provider who in turn delivers Comcast-originated services to their home.

And finally, nobody here is arguing over whether the FCC is right or wrong in their ruling. I have my own qualms with the FCC's reach of power, but that's not for this discussion. Quite frankly, I don't really care about this ruling, as it has zero effect on me. DirecTV loses me as a potential customer every time I'm at the bar and it rains and the TV signal goes out every 2 minutes.

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