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10-19-2003, 03:29 PM
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Originally Posted by Marconius
But don't you see thats the whole point, if instead Torres had brought out a super hot model to fawn over Izzy, it wouldn't be half as funny (well it might be, but for totally different reasons).
This is probably about the fourth time that I've stated this now but here it goes again: The pie in the face would have been okay if the timing was right... such as at the end of the interview or if his mates had got him while walking towards the dressingroom.

However, having to sit there through the whole interview looking like the class clown on national TV while trying to concentrate on the interview at hand goes beyond funny and falls into the tacky category imo.

I'm not asking people to agree with me here, I'm simply stating what I think that's all. I'm sure if there was a poll set up asking who thought the pie incident was funny and who thought it wasn't... I'd lose by a landslide.

But hey, if we all agreed on everything, this would be a very dull place to visit.

Just my 2 cents.

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