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06-30-2011, 07:04 PM
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Originally Posted by Roke View Post
When the new CBA came out I was puzzled by the averaging of salaries for cap-hit rather than using the actual salary in any given... I thought all it did was protect General Managers from themselves and removing a tool for salary-cap management.

I was wrong... they found a way around it. And if the NHL gets exactly what they want in the next CBA teams will find loopholes in that as well. It's the nature of regulation, somebody's always pushing for a competitive edge, seeing how far they can go.
The average is the best way to do it. Otherwise it would be even more messy.

Originally Posted by CammerScores View Post
10 years for Ehrhoff! Holy ****! True cap hit is only $4m, but I hate those bizarre long term contracts. Yikes.
There is a risk with those contracts. But if they are front loaded those become prime bargaining chips at the end for teams who want to reach the floor but dont want to spend the money.

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