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06-30-2011, 10:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Sting36e View Post
But the whole point is you aren't paying him for leadership. You're paying him because he's a DAMN good player. You never pay a guy just for leadership. Leadership is a bonus, never a starting point. Ryan Callahan will get paid because he deserves to get paid, because he's an excellent hockey player.

But some guys, certain type of players, I don't want at ANY price. Usually, players that have a lot of offensive talent, but play with a lot of flaws and inconsistency. Of course, some guys, are so good that you can see how overpaying them might not be ideal, but still necessary.
Look, I like the guy a lot. But I'm not getting attached to a sign at all costs type of plan. He's a great Ranger. But he's a high end 3rd/lower second liner who plays his ass off every night. Any talk of anything near 5M is just crazy talk. For the long term good of the team you just can't get too emotionally connected, and I know that's difficult. But I root for the logo on the front of the sweater, not the name on the back. And you don't hamstring yourself for years out of loyalty right now. You'd think we, of all fans, would see that.

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