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06-30-2011, 10:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
If you look at Gomez's stats, in depth, over the past few years, you would notice how last season clearly stands out as an anomaly. It has nothing to do with teammates or what not. If he gets carried by Gionta+MaxPac+PMDs, then he will get far more than just his usual 55pts. I would think he'd get upwards of 70pts if he really does get taken on for a ride by the rest of the talented squad.
He wasn't carried by his linemates or PMDs in his first year here as we lost Markov and Gio-Cammy to injuries while Pouliot went cold after his post trade hot streak, and he managed his usual total. So, I think Gomez is likely to get around 55pts with average contribution from the rest of his linemates.
No offence but keep dreaming. He has a diminished skill set. Gomez over the last 4 years is on a steep decline in every category. THeres no way he gets 45 assists next year and Isay that cause theres almost no chance he get 10 goals. He will probably end up between 40-45 points

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