Thread: Speculation: Habs interested in Hemsky.
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07-01-2011, 12:49 AM
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Originally Posted by S Bah View Post
Speaking about looking like a fool,answer me this,why are the Oilers trading such an incredible talent when they were last in the NHL the last two years?
The Oilers may be exploring a trade as Hemsky is a UFA at year's end. It's nothing unusual. If your team looks to be a lottery team again, why bother trying to keep him? Especially when his worth will be adversely impacted by his injury history the longer the season goes? That's why I myself would trade him now.

Honestly, because they are morons that think only players under 23 are worthwhile for them to have. The incompetence of the Lowe/Tambellini era is well documented.
I guess this ignorance about Hemsky also extends to the rest of Edmonton's roster. It's weird; we out west pay so much attention to your team. Why can't you return the favor and at least sound knowledgeable when discussing ours?

As it is, the Oilers will dress five players under 23 this season- Gagner (21), Eberle (21), Paajarvi (20), Hall (19) and potentially Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (18). All of those players would make every other team in the NHL. Together, the average age of the Oilers (including RNH) is 26.5. Montreal's average age? 28.6. OH LOL GAUTHER IZ A N00B. HE TRADEZ ALL HIS OLD GUYZ LOL.

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