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07-01-2011, 08:19 AM
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The max length of contract I'd sign anyone for is 6 years. There may be a couple exceptions like Crosby, Ovechkin both of whom are still pretty young. The thing is you just don't know how long a player is going to last or continue at the pace he's on. And just because the cap has risen every year does not mean that some day it might not stop rising or even come crashing down. Eventually I suspect it's going to link itself to our economy as a whole.

Anyway signing Erhoff for 10 years. C'mon! He's a good player but he'll be practically 40 when that expires. Or even Bryzgalov for 9 years. He will be 40 by the time that expires. Bryzgalov has not played a single game for the Flyers and what if something happens or he simply doesn't work out? We've seen DiPietro and Yashin on the Island. We've seen New Jersey, Detroit etc. trying to circumvent the contract. And younger players are one thing but giving long term contracts to middle aged players is frankly IMO just idiotic. Benefit now--pay the piper later. Chris Pronger is signed until he's about 43. Hello? And that's a 35+ contract. The Flyers with their 9 year contract to Richards--which they more or less gave to Bryzgalov and what was it a an 11 year contract to Carter who they moved to Columbus.

There's a point where if Callahan were to sign an offer sheet you'd have to let him go. I can see maybe making at most a $20 mil investment for 4 years--and that's if push came to shove. But that would be about it. But value wise he's in the $4 mil per range--maybe a little less.

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