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10-19-2003, 05:16 PM
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Originally Posted by Asiaoil
But let’s get serious …..Weiss does not equal Comrie. Weiss is a small non-physical center who MAY end up as good as Comrie. He has proven nothing and is probably a downgrade in terms of toughness. So swapping Weiss for Comrie gets zero in terms of more size and no guarantee of anything in terms of offence. I also think that Weiss brings us nothing that we don’t already have in the system with Niniimaki and Pouliot. Bottom line: Weiss is a smaller center who MAY be top 6 material – Comrie is a smaller center who IS top 6 material. So from an Oiler perspective – why bother?

The Smyth at center experiment also seems to be working out pretty well IMO – and if we keep him there – then getting a center in return for Comrie is not that important given the other guys we have in the system. You have to remember that the Oilers are trading for tomorrow as much as today – and we will have a real glut of young centers in the system in the not too distant future.
Excellent post Asiaoil. Some great points there, especially the "the Oilers are trading for tomorrow as much as today" bit. Its something we are all very cognizant of in the summer, but tend to lose sight of once the regular season starts.

The only thing I'd disagree with is the defenseman return suggestion. The fact is that top-six forwards have much more impact on the success of a team (i.e. their ability to outscore opponents) than top-four defensemen do, with only a handful of exceptions. And unless the return is a defenceman prospect who is potentially a game-breaker in the Lidstrom/Gonchar mould ... I'm hoping against it. Right now the Oilers have seven defencemen who play tough, they all fight when they need to, they all take a hit to make a play, they all have a little bit of their own GM in them. I doubt that is coincidence. And personally I don't mind one bit.

If the Oilers are looking to the future with a Comrie deal (which on the surface seems a bit crazy considering how young Comrie is) then they are best to wait IMO. GMs aren't going to deal away a key part of the future for short-term gain ... not unless their jobs are on the line. And it is way too early for that scenario to be available to Lowe, but it will probably happen eventually this year, and with a few teams, but not for some time yet.

Patience, Mr. Lowe, patience.

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