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07-01-2011, 10:06 AM
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Originally Posted by Emma Royd View Post
The big day is here! A few things we need to be clear on:

-Random tweets don't need their own thread. If some random guy says, "Rangers might be interested in xxxx," there are a few places to put that. No sense having a thread for every UFA out there.

-Be aware of unreliable sources and fake Twitter accounts. Not everyone out there is a reliable source, so use your best judgment in reporting news.

-There's no bonus for being the first to report a signing! If you see a breaking signing that you want to report, there's a 99% chance someone else is in the process of creating a thread on it. Wait 30 seconds, refresh the board, and if it's still not reported, have at it!

Just looking to keep everything running smoothly today. If everyone takes a deep breath and relaxes, it will be a good day here.
I think most here just see it as a bit of a dick sizing contest. Just kind of a ha ha I beat you too it. With that being said, I think its hilarious to see 39 of the same threads posted within seconds of each other on the main board and some people crying because their thread wasnt stickied even though they posted it first.

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