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Originally Posted by White Plains Batman View Post
Hockey is like a cult thing...sorta. It's weird, it seemed so much bigger when I first started watching (when I was 8 in the late 80s); maybe it's because I grew up on Long Island for over a decade but the rivalry was intense and EVERYONE in my school, day camp, grownups, etc. was either with the Rangers, Islanders, or occasionally you'd get a Devils fans.

But back to the cult thing; Mouth from Blueshirt Banter/Underground had a great analogy; the NHL has become a really cool band that's not quite mainstream (I was just listening to Husker Du today go figure) but the real fans get it and know how great it is.

Football is the number one sport and it's so easy to follow with only one game a week and the buildup.

Baseball; once again, maybe it was my innocence but I just don't have the same kind of passion for it. Used to love the game in the late 80s but it's just too much for me now, not fast enough, and my friends kill me with fantasy baseball like 3x a day checking scores and talking about WHIP. THAT is a sport that needs a cap worse than any others. I've been to Kansas City twice and they love the Royals but they can't even compete with the Rays yet alone the Yankees/Red Sox/Mets/Phillies. The Brewers have been to the playoffs twice in my lifetime and once was when Mike Rogers and Mark Pavelich were lighting up MSG
Yea, I agree about Baseball.

Im a Mets fan. But, its not like it was when I was younger and had no responsibilities. Who has time to watch 160 games per year? Of a garbage team...I just can't do it anymore like when I was younger and single and had no kids.

Hockey I can rabidly follow. I can schedule around the 2-3 games per week. My wife and kids enjoy it. And on my spare time I can watch prospects play via internet feeds.

I still love the game of baseball. Just nowhere near what it used to be.

I like football and soccer too.

But nothing holds my interest and attention like hockey does.

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