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Originally Posted by Inferno272 View Post
i love baseball, but in comparison to hockey it is most definitely boring. i still love it though. you can watch a regular season game without actually having to watch know, you have it on in the background, can follow everything that happens, and do other stuff. Hockey you have to stare at the screen for every millisecond because its so breakneck in its action.

In comparison every other sport comes up short in the sheer action that you get from hockey. its not really fair to compare it to anything, and it boggles the mind that its so unpopular compared to the other major sports...particularly football which is also boring imho. 5 seconds of play, 30 seconds of nothing, 5 seconds of play, 30 seconds of nothing.
Made me think of last fall when there was a baseball game on the same time as a football can actually switch back and forth and not miss any action in either game...pitch-switch-play-switch-pitch...and so on and so on...try it sometime

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