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07-01-2011, 11:02 AM
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Originally Posted by Zorba View Post
How is it riduclous? Please explain? 398 pts and and 7.5 million. Hes a drag on this team professionally and finacially
Ridiculous because it only covers the last season - which is the typical "what have you done to me yesterday" fallacy. Ridiculous because when you take a look at the underlying stats, it's crystal clear Gomez problems are driven by shot% (which has always been highly volatile) and not by puck possession (which tend to remain the same over the years - and has remain more or less the same last year).

This has been explained time and time again. Everyone have read it. The numbers are easily accessible to anyone. You include. Yet, you still come up with the one-liner, thinking that it makes look smart for some reason. Would you like GMs to analyse players only from what they did in the last season? That would make very losy GMs. Everybody understand that. You seem to be eager to show that you don't.

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