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10-19-2003, 06:48 PM
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The case with Breezer is a lot simpler than many realize. He's a good player with good fundamentals who, at one point, let his ego and perhaps a little paranoia take control of his game. Finally he's got some support (in Gainey) and he doesn't have to carry the team; in fact I'd wager he's been told to do anything but.

Very simply, Brisebois is back to basics. He's doing all those little things they teach you in Bantam and Peewee and in the major junior leagues. The bonus for him is his years worth of experience so he can perform these basics at the NHL speed. Finally, Brisebois is playing like he always should have played.

The question of his contract, unfortunately, is moot. This is a new coach, a new GM, and a new system, and trying to match his salary from the former GM to what's expected of him now in the new system is only cause for headaches. He's playing perfectly at the level he should be playing at - perhaps a $2-2.5 million dollar man; a number 3/4 d-man on the team. Sadly for us, he's paid more than that, but if you sit here expecting him to give more because of what he's paid, you'll just be wasting your breath.

For the moment, accept that he's finally playing good hockey. Accept that he's overpaid, but at least he's not being paid to make mistakes. With the start to the season he's had, I think it's time we all gave Breezer a break and enjoy his play for what it is: solid with a mild offensive flair.

A concerned fan.

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