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09-08-2005, 05:57 PM
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Originally Posted by Albi
mmmhmmmmmmmm...ok Matt

I was born in you know why Milano is famous in the world?
Well, Because it's the fashion world capital. Have you ever heard about Armani? Gucci? Versace? Valentino?...I could go on and on but I prefer to stop. Now, another set of questions for you.

Have you ever seen Armani wooden shoes?
Have you ever seen Gucci wooden shoes?
Have you ever seen Versace wooden shoes?
Have you ever seen Valentino wooden shoes?
Have you ever seen -insert italian stylist name- wooden shoes?

The answer is always NO

Now, I guess you've never seen any italian shoes or had ones. If you want to see them, just go downtown LA, it's not far from Staples, and check which shoes the most famous managers and businessmen are wearing. Then you'll get an idea.

If you'll behave MattyBoy, I'll send you a pair of nice ones.
Wearing them doesn't mean you'll become nearly as cool as us (Euros), but it'd be a good start...

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Now, back to topic.

I had this really good response but I deleted

Back to topic......and Ill pm my address for those size 11 Italian shoes!

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