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10-19-2003, 06:59 PM
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Originally Posted by kingsjohn
Just one game, we didn't lose a playoff series or ou 5th game in a row. It was one lousy game. Lets not lose perspective

Ok here is the optimist in me.

We have lost 2 games so far. Both we were leading and blew the lead and lost in the final seconds of the game.
The Wings did the same thing to the Sens they did to us. And the B's did the same thing to The Ducks that they did to us.

One thing about Coach Murray. He will fix the problem. Jim Fox did have a good point during last nights game "In the first period the Bruins beat themselves, in the last 2 periods they beat the Kings"

We all knew our defense was shaky.And last night it showed. Murray was getting way too much out of Vis, Modry, Holland, Gleason and Corvo. And Zizka has no business being in the NHL. Miller and Norstrom will help solidy the D corps. I am happy with Vis, Modry, Gleason and Corvo.

For a team missing 4 of it's best players, we're doing quite well. Of course we can also do better, but we had to lose sometime
Yea but it is scary, because we did it in Detroit and ALMOST in Chicago. Just hope it doesn't continue.