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07-01-2011, 02:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Foppa2118 View Post
11/12 Avs Roster Under ContractCompensationCap Number
Paul Stastny$6,600,000$6,600,000
Jan Hejda$3,250,000$3,250,000
Matt Duchene$900,000$3,200,000
Kyle Quincey$3,250,000$3,125,000
Milan Hejduk$2,600,000$3,000,000
Semyon Varlamov$2,750,000$2,750,000
Erik Johnson$3,000,000$2,600,000
David Jones$2,500,000$2,500,000
Peter Mueller$2,500,000$2,000,000
Ryan O'Byrne$1,800,000$1,800,000
Matt Hunwick$1,550,000$1,550,000
Jay McClement$1,500,000$1,450,000
Cody McLeod$900,000$1,033,333
Daniel Winnik$1,000,000$950,000
Ryan O'Reilly$900,000$900,000
Brandon Yip$750,000$725,000
Tom Preissing Buyout$916,667$916,667

11/12 Avs Prospects and System Players Under ContractCompensationBonus IncentivesCap Number
Joey Hishon$900,000$0$1,200,000
Cameron Gaunce$875,000$0$875,000
Trevor Cann$612,500$275,000$875,000
Michael Carman$610,000$240,000$850,000
Mark Olver$610,000$240,000$850,000
Stefan Elliott$790,000$0$843,333
Calvin Pickard$790,000$0$843,333
Ryan Stoa$803,250$0$803,250
Jonas Holos$625,000$0$785,000
Zach Cohen$575,000$160,000$735,000
Tyson Barrie$615,000$0$715,000
Brad Malone$600,000$0$687,500
Joakim Lindstrom$600,000$0$600,000
Joel Chouinard$575,000$0$566,667
Luke Walker$575,000$0$563,333
David Van Der Gulik$525,000$0$525,000
Greg Mauldin$525,000$0$525,000
Patrick Bordeleau$525,000$0$525,000
David Liffiton$525,000$0$525,000
Justin Mercier$525,000$0$525,000
Here' an updated version of our potential lineup with the signings so far.

We'll keep Hishon up and Lando ($3.2 M) on the 3rd line this time. Gali gets $1.75 M.

Hishon - Stastny - Jones
Mueller - Duchene - Hejduk
Galiardi - O'Reilly - Laneskog
McLeod - McClement - Winnik

Quincey - Johnson
Hejda - Elliott
Hunwick - O'Byrne


Scratches - Yip, Van Der Gulik, Liffiton

This would give the Avs $44,643,333 towards the cap and $3,656,667 to get to the $48.3 M floor with this 23 man roster.

They are unlikely to sign a backup for that amount, so they will either have to sign Vokoun (which appears unlikely now) or add another money UFA or trade to bring in a big cap hit.

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