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10-19-2003, 07:59 PM
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Dont want to thanks, If everything goes well for the canucks... meaning that the CBA is sorted out with out missing a full year of hockey... and Naslund stays and Bert agrees to a deal... then a year or two from now... then i think the canucks will have everything figured out to the point of where the sens are now... i just really want to see the sens win the cup this year if its just not in the cards for my Canucks.... Maybe help stregthen the point of view that Building from within...and making small deals and not overspending the way to go... I really dont think that Signing Bert for say 7mill a year or so as overspending because its not the same idea as a quick fix free agent...
Man i just hope the agony of this stupid Flames fans here in calgary saying over and over..."oh yeah thats true, oh hey how many cups do the canucks have again? Wait thats right none..."
Damn them.... i do like the flames though...great young team...(not trying to piss off flames fans...just makin a point)

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