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10-19-2003, 09:33 PM
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Originally Posted by thome_26
I really think that Marty could be a B. Morrison type player. He has enough skill. He's already better defensively. He just has never got the chance as he must not of performed certain un-mentionable favors to MacT that Cleary/Pisani did to get the chances they got/are getting. When he came here they pretty much didn't give him any chance at all. Last year it seemed like they did all they could to NOT have him succed. I'm suprised that he signed SO easy and if he ever requests a trade or tries to get out of town I won't blame him ONE bit - his first couple years here he was treated like $h!t
I love Marty and thought that he could turn his career around here. But, I have to disagree with you. He was treated like crap before he came here and then played 'scared'. He could bring it for a while and then start second guessing himself which showed the coaches that he didn't trust his abilities.

Much as I freaked when he was put on waivers, it was probably what he needed to shake him up. (i still give thanx that he wasn't scooped up) I was so proud of him for being 100% accountable and doing everything he had to to get back in the lineup and then become an integral part of this team. He has great character and is a better player because of what he went thru. imho

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