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07-01-2011, 09:00 PM
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In terms of impact on the NHL I've said this for years I'd LOVE to see the NFL lock out more than the NBA, but both would be the best possible scenario for the league.

The NFL is the most overrated league on the planet. It is ALL HYPE and ALL TALK for 16 games. I will admit the games are good to watch, but all the HYPE and TALK is not worth it. Many of the fans that enjoy it enjoy it for the constant action and to some extent the violence, all things the NHL sells also.

It could recruit some fans that way and REDUCE THE HYPE so that news of Rangers training camp is not drowned out by prima donna teammate fights in football training camp between pampered wide receivers and whiny quarterbacks.

I don't think by and large the fans that follow the NBA are the ones you want joining the NHL because they tend to be more corporate and less knowledgeable about the game. The "real fans" that follow the NBA enjoy it for different reasons than NHL fans enjoy hockey. So while I think an NBA lockout would help the NHL, I think an NFL lockout would be far better for A LOT of sports not just the NHL, but it would help the NHL most.

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