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10-19-2003, 09:58 PM
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I don't have numbers on him, but I seem to remember this kind of hype about that greatest of superstars, Alexandre Daigle. The comment in The Hockey News about the arena in Ottawa being renamed the Daigle-dome, etc.

I worry that a kid who has been so dominant so early in his carreer, and surrounded by so much hype, may not have the work ethic or fitness to step into the NHL. There was an article in the Journal on Saturday about that basketball phenom LeBron James, where they made him sound like Daigle, too. His fitness is apparrently lacking, and he hadn't worked on the things he said he would.

Not that I'm saying that Ovechkin couldn't be worth that, just that he may not be, and it's a bigger risk than I would be willing to take.

Either way, the team who is getting him without that risk is probably going to be unwilling to trade the pick, anyway.

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