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07-01-2011, 11:15 PM
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Originally Posted by TarredandFeathered View Post
Let me get this straight... this thread began with numerous Ranger fans posting in support of Jagr coming back to New York, and dispelling any notions of him being a bad role model during his stint there. Several posters even went as far as to say he was a 'great leader, no matter how much baggage he has from his days with the Pens, Caps...

But now that he chooses to sign with the Flyers, you make him out to be the worst and most greedy player in the entire NHL. Ridiculous. He signed for a 3.3 million, 1 year deal (which in case you did not notice, is pretty good value, considering players like Fleischmann, Kopecky etc) signed for 4.5 million and 3 million respectively) as well as a player like Leino, who has only had one good playoff and one decent regular season, was signed to 4.5 for six years. I'll gladly refresh this thread in April when Jagr has 60+ points and has more points than 3 quarters of your roster.
We have hundreds of users posting here. Would you care to direct me to posts indicating a particular user changing their positions as you described? There are people that supported the idea of bringing him back, and love him, and their are others that were opposed to the idea and not too hot on him. Ya know, different viewpoints... Don't lump everyone together as some generic mass that has changed its mind after being spurned.


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