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10-19-2003, 10:47 PM
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Originally Posted by FacelessButcher
Drafting someone is a huge investment for any team and can make or break ur team, if a highly touted player u take just decides not to sign with u it can be utterly devestating especially to a young franchise. If all players can just use this loophole and defeats the entire purpose of the draft it just becomes one big free agency bonanza and defeats the counter-balancing measures the league has put in place to make things fairer for all. I've had enough friends who have tried to make it and didn't(no none of them really deserved it) but to actually get the opportunity to play after so many years of hard work and just turn it down in the pursuit of money kind of burns me. I hope the new CBA fixes it because the amount of money they are signing for(Comrie, Fleury) is ridiculous especially when they have proved nothing in the NHL.

P.S. If I was a player and my agent tried to do that to the team that had enough faith in me to draft me I would fire him on the spot. I'd rather play the game I love then get rich.
I would respect you (and any other players) immensely for putting your love of the game ahead of money. At the same time, I wouldn't hold a grudge against someone who tries to make the most for himself financially by playing within the rules.

I guess I'm just a capitalistic pig.

Look, I love the Oilers and I'm frustrated by the salary escalation as anyone. Some of it are the players' fault; some of it are the owners' fault. However, when it comes to the Van Ryn rule, the owners have no one to blame but their own utter their lack of foresight.

I think Comrie has already been unfairly slagged regarding his apparent rookie contract *extortion*. I just hope that if ever Van Ryn (or some other player who also benefited from this loophole) ends up here, he won't get the same treatment.

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