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07-02-2011, 05:03 AM
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Originally Posted by Habtacular View Post
Not getting the love for Florida.

When you're on the cap floor and about all of your players range from overpaid to ridiculously overpaid, that doesn't indicate a wealth of talent or an impending play off charge.

Bar the Leino signing, I like what Buffalo have done a lot. And while I think they paid Leino too much and for too long, he does have upside.

Philly is a strange one. Holmgren is like a lunatic locked in a room hurling random paint at a canvas. He's probably just going to make a mess, but there's the slim chance that somewhere down the line everyone decides it's art.
If they sign Gagné or Connolly, which frankly, is quite possible - they are going to have a ridiculous deep team. They don't have any elite talent, but they have a couple above average 2nd lines and some great 3rd liners.

Look at the PPG ratios;

Weiss - 0.65 or 53 points (down year as well with Booth just starting to get his legs back)
Booth - 0.50 or 41 points/season (expect that to rise)
Santorelli - 0.50 or 41 points/season (young kid, should improve)
Flash - 0.69 or 57 points/season
Kopecky - 0.52 or 43 points/season
Upshall - 0.42 or 34 points/season
Goc - 0.47 or 39 points/season (awesome 3rd line centre)
Versteeg - 0.58 or 47 points/season
Dadonov - 0.47 or 39 points/season (rookie, should improve)
Bergenheim - 0.37 or 30 points/season

Add in Campbell and Jovocop which frankly is an upgrade over last season - and they have got better.

How far is that off of us last year, seriously? Like I said, no elite talent but very deep.

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