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10-20-2003, 02:32 AM
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Originally Posted by Brooklyn Ranger
If you're going to bash Lundmark, be fair and bash the other 8-9 forwards who have played the same way or worse. Singling out the one forward under 25 is unfair. I expect a young player to take some time adjusting to new linemates/new system, I expect older, more experienced players to take the lead.
I DO BASH EVERYONE, equally when they all deserve it and the way they played the first two games they all deserved it. INCLUDING LUNDMARK. Too me, he looked lethagic like everybody else out there the first two games. He rarely beat anybody to the puck and when he did, he got bounced off it like he was a fly. That has nothing to do with having to learn anything. I'm sorry Edge but I didn't see him do much to help the team succeed in the first two games, including the little things, and he also didn't seem anymore hungrier or show more passion then Dlac. I think it's wishful thinking right now.

Actually I hold Lundmark to a higher standard when it comes to the energy he must show and heart. I expect crappy efforts from these other guys. Lunmark is a guy that EVERY Ranger fan, including myself, has been clamouring for to get some time. If he's not gonna use it effectively by at least being visible (in a good way) during a game then he makes us look bad for believing in him and makes it even less likely that Sather will try more youngins on this team.

Still, don't get me wrong as my expectations aren't too high for him. I don't expect 30 goals and a world beater out there. That's for Kovalev. I just want him to be visible out there, trying to make a difference in the game and that is what he was the other night against the Canes. He showed effort, heart and energy. He beat guys to pucks made some nice moves and even stood up for himself. Now that I can commend him on. I will agree that the one area that he's expecially looked good at, including the first two games, is the PK which is very exciting to see.

Fact is almost everybody here wants to give him a pass because he's the "crown jewel" of our young guys and the only one playing in the NHL. If you're gonna unmercifully bash everybody else then Lundmark should not escape criticism when deserved. With this being Hockey's Future, and the state of the organization, I can understand why people are like this though. And trust me when I say that, I too, want to praise Lundmark every chance I get

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