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07-02-2011, 09:05 AM
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Originally Posted by MsWoof View Post
I am apprehensive. I wish it was some other team that had made all these questionable moves instead of us. As much as I hate to say it, the Pens and Laffs were among the smartest organizations out there, they sat back and did virtually nothing. Homer just doesn't understand the diff between a re-tool and a rebuild. He overpaid for almost everyone starting with Bryz but I blame Snider and his big mouth for that. The Talbot contract is way too long and the Jagr experiment for over $3 million a year when everyone else seemed to be offering 2 is nuts.

If I wanted super exciting I'd watch an action movie. I just want to see my hockey team run in an intelligent fashion.
Actually, I thought the jagr move was very smart by homer. He could come in here and put up 60 points with the talent he still has. If anyone watched the world championships this year you will know that he can still dominate. Him and giroux together would be pretty dangerous, and he can be a great QB on the powerplay. The best thing about it is we didnt have to overpay leino and handcuff ourselves for next year when we have to sign JVR. Jagr comes in for a year fills a hole, and his cap hit comes off the books. If he doesnt work out through the year we can trade him at the deadline. Truly we have nothing to lose.

bryz at 5.6 million is actually not really overpaying all that much. When the cap rises again in the next few years it will be a nice cap hit. In two or three years guys like miller, lundqvist, ward would probably command ~7 million.

As for talbot we gained a solid 3/4 liner who can kill penalties and chip in a few goals. He will be great in the room, and best of all it makes our team that much harder to play against. Last year it felt like the flyers were easy to play against, and we were not pushing teams around. Not saying talbot will do that, but the team in general got bigger and faster down the wings, should help out.

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