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07-02-2011, 10:25 AM
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Originally Posted by Orr Nightmare View Post
Here is to looking at a 37 year old piece of ****...great guys are smoking crack...

He now settled in, cash out and play medicore guys are blind...we do the same **** every year and every year you guys love the move...hello Chris Drury part 2.

4 years from now, everyone will be like, why didn't it work...what went wrong..

I wonder who gets a contract offer or traded away now, maybe Sauer, maybe Dubi, maybe Boyle, maybe AA...but who gives a ****...we got our overpaid "superstar".

I wonder how much drive he will have when he is 35 and has collected 40 million from us...maybe he can open up a pizza shop or a fancy resturant...welcome to NYC.

Prove me wrong.
Hey its a jealous Leaf Fan. Hey buddy, 6.5 million a year for a guy like this is not something i call overpayed. I was worried when i heard that many teams were involved and honestly started thinking the cap hit would go over 8. But hearing this is good news. Ive seen him play he has skill, now i havent watched him enough to say i love him but at 6.5 even if he is not who we think, it would def not be impossible to move him in a couple years. Dont worry Sauer is not going anywhere, nor is Dubi or AA and prob not Boyle unless he wants too much money.

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